Advertising Software Platform


We offer one of the most effective advertising mediums tool that work according to your needs and expectation. We believe if you utilise our 2 sided Digital LED Display as your media tool your reach (targeting your entire ideal audience), frequency (reaching your target audience multiple times), CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), and Impact, will truly shine, often at the very best value.

4 reasons why you should not miss showing ads with us

The display screen is bright and clear

The bright and vibrant display is able to captures the attention of passers-by and the many cars on the road.

Location and time based features

Switch content throughout the day Whether it's a flash sale or a special deal, you can show ads right away. You can customize the medium to show different ads at different times and locations as needed.

Operation from anywhere

Through our ad serving platform, you can control any number of banners at any time.

Content can be customized as needed.

Modify content Advertising media as needed whether text, images or videos.

Just 3 easy steps


Enter the media you want to advertise

Select the desired time and duration.

Select the desired zone