MDT 728 TM All in one Digital Meter

MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) is a all-in-one digital meter. All functions are integrated into one meter device, including taaxi meter, GPS, camera, RFID and e-receipt in one device. This all-in-one digital meter is easy to use and offer more features than the traditional taxi meter. This taxi meter will give drivers, passengers and operator the most benefit in every aspect.




why us

All in one Digital Meter
High security
GPS navigation
Real-time vehicle tracking
Built-in GPS, Camera and Taxi Meter
Track historical data
24/7 call center
Various payment methods

Specification for MDT 728 TM

MDT 728 is a device that meets all your requirements and offer multiple functions in one device, such as receiving jobs and messging, issuing electronic receipts, opreate meter features and digital payment. The device is strong, durable, modern and user friendly. Additional advantage of using our device is to reduce the problem of use on multiple devices, cost and maintenance work.