Howa’s primary business is to provide financial assistance to taxi drivers whom are keen to purchase their own vehicle. As years past by, competition in the taxi business is getting stiffer and the substandard service practice by most taxi drivers resulted in a chaos in the industry. In order to survive and have a break thorough Howa, in the year 2002, setup Suvarnabhumi Taxi Co-Operative (a member based business structure, focusing on recruiting taxi drivers and garage owners whom are keen in providing a higher service standards) as well as a call center to support the transit to a service based provider. In 2015, Howa has adopted the new market shift towards digital transformation technology and a new department has been created for the company’s next growth cycle.


We help to build world-class software solutions for companies of all sizes by employing cutting-edge technologies and offer the most suitable web development solutions according to user’s expectation. Our web applications development perform well on both front-end and back-end. In our requirement gathering stage, we will assist our clients in product conceptualization, technical specifications, User Experience(UX), User Interface(UI), web development and infrastructure management.


Today, the average daily smartphone usage rate is growing steadily and it is part of the daily life of most consumers. Application development is an additional channel to communicate with customers and to meet the needs of more consumers. Increase your chances of making more sales and profits too. Our company offers application development services for both IOS and Android systems for all sizes and types of businesses to make it convenient and easy to use.


Our company has been providing taxi financial services for more than 30 years and if anyone who are looking for financial assistance do contact us for a free consultation. Once the loan has been approved, our after-sales team will take great care and provide excellent service throughout the contract period and during the lifespan of the vehicle.


Our call center is opearting on a 24/7 basis hence customer or passenger can contact us anytime for taxi booking request or provide any feedback and we will be delighted to serve you with great honor.